This project got started in April of 2001.

I had tried printing from the Arreat Summit but the prints were not good. The layout on the printed page made the documents difficult to use. Alt-Tabbing out to the desktop was the only option and was a real pain.

At that time, I created some simple documents in Star Office. These files were usable but not that great. The first documents were the Horadric Cube and Crafted Items.

I used those documents up until June of 2003.

In June of 2003, I decided to create a document with the Rune Word information from the 1.10 beta patch. Around that same time, released version 1.1.0 which had the built-in ability to generate PDFs with a click of a toolbar button.

The Rune Word document turned out to be quite good. I thought that other people would like to use the document.

In July of 2003, I decided to make the Rune Word PDF available to others. I put the file on my web server and posted a link to the file in the Beta Patch discussion forum on Blizzard's site.

It was so funny to see the initial reactions from people. There were a small number of people who made the assumption that I was distributing trojans. This was almost enough to get me to stop making the file available. After all, I am not profiting from this.

I started getting requests for a version of the Rune Word document that did not have the first page of instructions. It was easy to make the new version of the file. Now that there were two files, I decided it was time to put up an actual web site instead of just the raw files.

The first page i created was rather ugly but was functional. There were some problems with the web server which prevented some people from downloading the files. In early November, 2003 I upgraded the web server software which seems to have corrected most of the download problems.

November 2003: In a reply from GF from Blizzard to an email I sent about a typo on the Arreat Summit, he asked if I wanted him to post a link to my site. I said “sure” :^)

Once the link was posted in the Files section of the Arreat Summit, I started to get a significant increase in the number of downloads.

Between the email feedback anf feedback from the forums, it became obvious there was a demand for these types of PDF documents.

I dusted off the old Horadric Cube and Crafted Item documents that I had done in 2001. I cleaned them up, updated the info, and posted the PDFs on my site.

The very best part of this experience has been the great emails from all over the world!

A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me feedback.

Please Support this effort.

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